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Los Arbolitos

Los Arbolitos is a 409 hectare premium vineyard located in Valle de Uco, Argentina's best grape growing region.

  • Project Kind: Vineyard
  • Location: Mendoza, Argentina
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Ushay launched Los Arbolitos Vineyard Trust in 2006 to enable investors' involvement in Argentina's fastest growing and arguably most famous agricultural sector. Like all our agricultural projects, Los Arbolitos is designed to allow retail investors access to large-scale commercial farming without the necessity of prohibitive infrastructure investments or management responsibilities.
Los Arbolitos is a 409 hectare premium vineyard located in Valle de Uco, probably the best grape growing region of Argentina. Investors can participate with as little as one hectare equivalents while still enjoying the economies of scale made possible by operating the entire project as a single professionally managed vineyard. The project offers extremely attractive current revenue combined with outstanding capital gains and inflation protection.
As Argentine wine exports continue to outpace the rest of the worlds' (exports of bottled wine are up 1,349% in volume and 1,451% in value since 2002), a growing shortage of premium grapes -particularly Malbec- is evolving. Los Arbolitos is perfectly positioned to fill this shortfall. Our first crop will be harvested in March 2010 and our initial investors have already seen significant gains in the value of their investments.
In addition to the revenue stream and capital gains created by the actual vineyard, investors will also share in the profits generated by La Morada de Los Andes (www.lamoradadelosandes.com), a real estate development that has been created within the trust utilizing a small portion of the land that has the better views, and is on its way to being completely surrounded by vineyards. This "extra" revenue should allow investors to recoup a significant part of their investment, effectively making the returns even more attractive.
Located at 90 Kms from Mendoza, in the vicinity of Tunuyan, La Morada will have all the amenities that can be expected from a top-level gated community in the vineyard.
Fideicomiso Los Arbolitos is fully underwritten. Consult us to see if any availability exists to participate in this project, which can not be replicated, as from time to time someone may be willing to sell their pariticipation.

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