Ushay launched Los Arbolitos Vineyard Trust in 2006 to enable investors' involvement in Argentina's fastest growing and arguably most famous agricultural sector. Like all our agricultural projects, Los Arbolitos is designed to allow retail investors access to large-scale commercial farming without the necessity of prohibitive infrastructure investments or management responsibilities.


Ushay is developing a proven track record in periodically identifying, specific opportunities in both residential and commercial real estate. When we spot an opportunity, we use our infrastructure and experience to source the best land available and tailor a custom designed project that will allow investors to generate optimal returns while also delivering the highest quality to our end users.

Real Estate Developments

As logical offshoots to two of its investment projects, Ushay is developing two very distinctive residential "lifestyle" developments. Both projects have been spun off from existing agricultural projects at no cost to initial investors.


Ushay structures and manages commercial sized forestry investments designed to allow participating retail investors to take advantage of the same economies of scale utilized by industrial forestry companies around the world.

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